Who we are & what we do

The first real Community Coin

We are a team of currently several people who have made it their mission to create a real community coin.

We think that there are coins in which the community plays a major role, but there are no real coin decisions from the community. That changes from NOW!

We think that in the „About us text“ also the people should appear, who made the whole project possible with your ideas and your donations. Many thanks to the entire community of the YouTube channel „Jumperbillijumper“!

The entire project was created as a leisure project and should be considered as experimental. For this reason, we exclude any liability arising in connection with the use of our Coins and our Wallet. Never invest money in this coin that you are not ready to lose.



In cooperation with the entire community, we are constantly developing our coin.



There is a maximum of 21 million coins, it is a real coin and not a token.



We are committed to driving innovation around the cryptocurrency market.



The source code and the wallets are available for everyone at GitHub: https://goo.gl/ikMurf


What our Coin can do and where we want to go

The community as a strong body

Every feature, stock exchange listing and every little decision on the coin is voted on by the community. There will be a vote on this page on each proposed topic. We do not overrate the results of this vote!

The Jumpcoin and the crypto currency portal coinerd.de belong together. On Coinerd.de, every member of the community can write texts about cryptocurrencies (news, tutorials, recommendations and performances) and earn Jumpcoins for it. The texts are of course checked before they are published, so that only meaningful content lands on coinerd.de. Coinerd.de also acts as the crypto forum and merchandising shop of the Jumpcoin. Advertising on coinerd.de will also be shown.

The proceeds of the site flow into a shop in which we offer products against Jumpcoins. The products to be purchased there are determined by the community. Other means of payment except the Jumpcoin, are not planned there. For the community, this will be a way to harness the Jumpcoins. The Jumpcoin should not be an investment, but a means of payment for EVERYONE. In addition, this revenue will also be used to drive the development of Jumpcoin (stock listings, paying developers, running our block explorer and our websites …)

Furthermore, it is possible to earn Jumpcoins through tenders. For example, everyone has the opportunity to design a T-shirt, which is then sold in our shop and ensures that more and more Jumpcoins are bought back. In this case, the „designer“ receives an appropriate number of Jumpcoins (the exact Rewards are still to be determined).

So, one can say that the Jumpcoin rewards the users who are doing something for this project. We call that „From the community to the community.“ The Jumpcoin is merely the platform for this interaction. The Jumpcoin thus forms the basis for the prosperity of the entire community and not a few.

Jumpcoins can be bought here:

Technical specifications

Coin Name: Jumpcoin

Ticker: JUMP

Premine: 90%

Max coin supply: 21.000.000

POS/year: 5%

Block reward: 21 JUMP (100.000 PoW blocks)

Block time: 120 Sekunden

Algo: NIST5

RPC Port: 31240

P2P Port: 31242

Our Team

Core development and marketing

Constantin Piffer

Founder – Developer

Hi Guys! So, or something like that since 4 years my videos start. Since then I have my own YouTube channel. Bitcoins and cryptocurrencies have always fascinated me. I have also been a miner since the first hour.

Daniel Schneider

Community Manager

A creative knot with vision, humor and commitment. After seeing the Jumpcoin community and the connection to crypto currencies, I found the topic equally interesting.


Pascal Rähse

Founder – Marketing

The unbridled vision to develop creative and impressive websites was the basic idea for me and is still represented on the market today in the form of the Internet agency Coding Arts. I find cryptocurrencies very interesting and forward-looking, which is why I am active in marketing at the Jumpcoin.


What’s next with the JUMPCOIN?
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  • Die erste Projektplanung zum Jumpcoin und von der Community.
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  • The first project planning for Jumpcoin and the community.
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  • Release der jumpcoin.net Website
  • Release der coinerd.de Website
  • Programmierung des Block Explorer
  • erste Shopintegration mit Belohnungssystem
  • Mining Pool Listung:
    www.gos.cx, arcpool.com, weekendpool.net
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  • Release of the jumpcoin.net Website
  • Release of the coinerd.de Website
  • Programming the Block Explorer
  • First shop integration with reward system
  • Mining Pool Listing:
    gos.cx, arcpool.com, weekendpool.net
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  • Listung auf der Handelsplattform www.crex24.com
  • Mining Pool Listung:
No image available
  • Listing on the trading platform www.crex24.com
  • Mining Pool Listing:
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Q4 2018 – Q1 2019
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Q4 2018 – Q1 2019
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  • Listing bei der Unnamed Exchange. (BTC/DOGE/LTC/UTIP)
  • Listing bei der C-Patex Exchange. (BTC/DOGE/LTC)
  • Listing bei Coinsurfer (Jumpcoins per Surfbar verdienen)
  • Entwicklung eines Scripts, welches Jumpcoins unter neuen Videos des Kanals „Jumperbillijumper“ verteilt.
  • Listing bei der Hypecoin Exchange. (BTC/ETH/USDT/BNB/BUSD/TRX)
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  • Listing on the Unnamed Exchange. (BTC / DOGE / LTC / UTIP)
  • Listing on the C-Patex Exchange. (BTC / DOGE / LTC)
  • Listing on Coinsurfer (earn Jumpcoins via surfbar)
  • Development of a script which distributes Jumpcoins under new videos of the channel „Jumperbillijumper“.
  • Listing on the Hypecoin Exchange. (BTC / ETH / USDT / BNB / BUSD / TRX)
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  • Neue Zusammenstellung des Jumpcoin Teams.
  • Integration weiterer Usecases für den Jumpcoin.
  • Weitere Exchange Listings.
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  • New composition of the Jumpcoin team.
  • Integration of further use cases for the Jumpcoin.
  • More exchange listings.


Where can I buy Jumpcoin?